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Harold Brown

Former Animal Farmer

“Michael has touched upon so much that is important. Each of our paths are intersected by challenges that test our abilities and capacities for empathy, compassion, and love. My journey from a cattle farmer to vegan, as Michael well knows, required a lot of work. These changes can have catalysts from outside ourselves but the true change comes from within. Once we make the choice to live better today than we did yesterday our lives change. As The Lost Love alludes to the two main requirements for this transformation is moral imagination and emotional courage. Michael’s book gives us a road map to achieve this, but as with any teacher, he can only lead you to the door…you have to take the next step and travel through.”

WIll Tuttle, PhD

Author of The World Peace Diet

The Interconnectedness of Life articulates in an uplifting and engaging way the many correspondences between vegan living and building a healthier world. Michael Lanfield weaves stories from his personal journey of transformation together with the latest research on nutrition and ecology. To this he adds a judicious selection of wise words from sages of many times and places. The result is a literary banquet that is sure to inspire and guide readers to greater compassion, clarity, health, and understanding. Highly recommended.”

Meet the Author

Michael Lanfield

The author of 9 books including two #1 Amazon category best-selling books The Interconnectedness of Life and The Journey. Michael is also a YouTuber, spiritual coach, and certified World Peace Diet Facilitator.

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